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    SAG develops its printing technology of Multi-Color Offset Printing Press (or called Single Card Printing).  089002


    Multi-Color Offset Printing always has been the problem of doing personal printing for a long time. However, through SAG's engineer's effort, now SAG finds a way to solve the problem to let Multi-color Offset Printing enable doing personal printing. It's half standard layout and half empty area for personal printing.

Muti Color Offset Printing

The following is two major benefits by using Multi-Color Offset Printing:

  1. Lower cost of printing
  2. Reduction of leadtime

    Moreover, owing to SAG's printing technology, user can print the personal photo and data close to the border of their standard layout (ex: company layout).

    Wanna know how apply Multi Color Offset Printing into your case? Contact your sales manager in SAG or e-mail to

134.2KHz LF RFID Ear Tag is suited for cattle or pigs lifecycle tracking!!


Livestock Ear Tag

    SAG's Livestock Ear Tag ( also called Animal Ear Tag ) has been successfully mass applied in PIG (Boar / Swine) livestock management (rfid animal tracking system) as electronic animal ID by many PIG (Boar / Swine) farms in Japan, Taiwan and China.

    During these years, through many experiments and real running projects with system Integrator, SAG's livestock ear tag, used 134.2KHz EM chip of EM4105 / EM4569 (Successor is EM4200 / EM4305), has been demonstrated the extremely high reliability and high performance in the harsh environment of PIG (Boar / Swine) breeding career.

    Nearly 100% readable rate of SAG's Livestock Ear Tag will let you fully control every single livestock in farms, but not just few of them. As well it will assist you to complete the accurate traceability record of medicining, feeding, feed lot , age, breeds and so forth. The high reliability and traceability are the keypoint to encourage many farmers having great willing to adopt RFID in their farm.

Update: SAG ICAR Manufacturer Code Granted 2009/05

Recommendable Application:

  • RFID Ear Tag for Cattle lifecycle Tracking
  • RFID Ear Tag for Pig lifecycle Tracking
  • RFID Ear Tag for Swine lifecycle Tracking
  • RFID Ear Tag for Deer lifecycle Tracking
  • RFID Ear Tag for Sheep Tracking

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* New Choice for Personal Printing

* 134.2KHz LF RFID Ear Tag is suited for cattle or pigs lifecycle tracking!!

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