Laundry Tag

SAG's Laundry Tags that withstand harsh environments, in the meantime, remain high reliability and high resistance ability.  In order to suffice different requirement, there are at least 3 diameters (14mm, 17mm and 22mm ) for option.

Laundry Tags basically meet all requirements in terms of heat, pressure and chemical resistance in the applications of contactless tracking of garments in the textile rental and dry cleaning.

Some of casino hotels in Macau and Las Vegus have deployed an RFID-based bedquilt and uniform tracking system offering real-time inventory visibility of its bedquilt and uniform. The passive laundry tag, they applied is SAG's 22mm Laundry Tag, comply with the ISO 15693 standards. One of these hotel says this has led to savings in inventory space, unnecessary losing, labor and operational costs.

Moreover, the casino hotel is also impressive SAG's Laundry Tags have highest read accuracy and reliability.  This conducts the application to be successful.

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Mini Keyfob: Best Solution for Personal Printing

Mini Keyfob

Since SAG announces the new product - Mini Keyfob, the mini keyfob becomes the MOST populor choice in security and access control.

Therefore, SAG do more for our customers, considering the convenience of personal printing, SAG pre-punch the border of keyfob in order to make the customer can take keyfob apart easily after personal printing.

The above is the result of using P380 printer, border of each Mini Keyfob can be fully printed.

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Mini Keyfob: Best Solution for Personal Printing

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