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On April 2 -4, 2008, SAG is going to participate in ISC West 2008 in Las Vegas.  Booth No. 38026

At our booth #38026 in the Urban Section, we will demonstrate new products and various shape keyfobs, tags and cards.

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Use RFID CD / DVD Labels in Rental Machine.
DVD Label and CD Label

Securitag Assembly Group's (SAG) CD Label or DVD Label is specially designed for managing and circulating the CDs and DVDs collections and protecting the collections from theft. 

In addition, this RFID label is also designed to withstand the stress conditions encountered during operation with most of CD and DVD player.  But, the innovative feature of (SAG) CD Label or DVD Label is for one time using.  It will complete lose function, if someone try to peel out or destory the label. 

CD Label and DVD Label 's application

The most common application to be applied is in automated movie rental machine.  But how?  How do they work with SAG's RFID CD or DVD Label?  The label will be sticked on CD or DVD printing surface, and by using the feature of RFID technology, each CD or DVD will have its unique ID and can be identified and recorded when it rents out.  The information will upload to system database through internet and will provide to service provider and assist them to make their next marketing strategy. .......

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Key Tag Card

Key Tag Card

SAG further improves the ability of pre-punch. This ISO standard contactless card is designed to be able to divide into 3 pieces small card that L 54mm and W 28.5mm by hand. It named Key Tag Card.

With this feature, Key Tag Card can snap apart 3 different pieces and each piece can be printed at least 3 personal datas or 3 different artworks on one single card. One thing is worthy of being mentioned, diversity and flexible is its feature, so there are many methods to be applied with Key Tag Card.

You can choose one piece to be embeded RFID technology for access control and the rest of them are just for marketing purpose. Or you can set it up for family ticket, parents and children have their own ticket.  So many applications depend on your incredible idea.

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