RFID eNEWS 200907

NEW Keyfob On Board : Thumb Keyfob

Bobsliegh Keyfob

SAG key fob portfolio is more completed with the new member -- Thumb Keyfob. Using the same material as Translucent Keyfob, Thumb Keyfob gives a high-tech taste when back lit and it is a sure thing to lures the market attention in its debut.

The shape is more user-friendly giving a comfortable touch when user enjoys the convenience from RFID technology.

In IC options, Thumb Keyfob can go with LF (125KHz) such as EM or Atmel, and HF (13.56MHz) such as Mifare / Legic / I-Code SLI.

Ask for testing sample with ATA5577? Please get in touch with us!

Recommendable Application: Access Conrol / Time and Attentance / Cashless Payment / Club Member ID...etc.

新品即將上市 - Thumb感應扣

Bobsliegh Keyfob

SAG推出新款鑰匙感應扣-Thumb Keyfob, 採用與Translucent Keyfob相仿的透明藍原料, 在光線照耀穿透出時尚設計中帶著科技的感覺。

外觀設計上也加入了人體工學的應用,Tag中心的弧線設計,可帶給使用者舒適的感觸; 透過實用性及美觀性的完美結合,來實現便利快捷的RFID生活.

IC選擇上, Thumb Keyfob 可自由選擇搭配低頻(125KHz), 如EM / ATMEL...等或高頻(13.56MHz), 如MIFARE / LEGIC / I.CODE SLI...等。 歡迎索取ATA5577樣品測試。

推廌應用: 門禁管理 / 考勤管理 / 電子錢包應用 / 置物櫃免鑰匙應用...等。

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