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Disposable Wristband Launched : Cost effective solution to benefit single user in access control.

RFID Disposable Wristband

     SAG knows the demand for more secure and cost effective RFID wristband tag.  If it can come with a trendy design, that will be even better.  To realize all these features, SAG Disposable Wristband comes into birth.

    With the sealed inlay, this wristband can be waterproof.  Also, the purpose for one-time use makes this tag particularly ideal for temporary events such as musical concerts or sports stadium audience management.

    When the user wears this Wristband, he/she carries a unique ID which only authorized access can be allowed.   This tag can also be e-wallet for water park tourist application.   Once it is removed from the user’s wrist, this wristband will be void with obvious evidence.

Recommendable Application: secure management of access authorisations and payments in hospitals, wellness facilities, leisure parks, water parks, concerts, festivals, night club and so forth.

The benefits of selecting high quality EM4200 proximity card.

em4200 proximity card

    EM4200, evolving from its predecessor EM4102, remains MEGA PADS on it as the greatest feature. SAG makes a good use of this by the patented “direct bonding technology” and brings out the ultra flat card surface which wins the confidence from those who are involved in personalization card business.

     The so-called direct bonding technology is the direct combination between IC and copper coil through the help of MEGA PADS. Such structure, unlike PCB which is adopted by most card suppliers, reduces the chance for bumped surface. As a result, SAG EM4200 direct bonding ISO card is superior to those with PCB module inside when it comes to quality printing and reliability. SAG can be your answer to quality card printing.

     *EM4200, 64bit Read Only chip released by EM Marin SA in 2009, is the successor from the family of EM4100, EM4102, and EM4105 low frequency ICs.

可抛棄式RFID識別腕帶上市 : 經濟實惠、時尚簡約

RFID Disposable Wristband

     韋僑科技 (SAG) 推出新款設計的RFID識別腕帶 - Disposable Wristband); 外形上, 打破市售一般的長條造型, 利用簡單的曲線設計打造了時尚簡約的設計風格; 抛棄式單一使用則是此RFID腕帶在應用上最主要的功能與特色。

     因其採用的是一次性的扣具, 所以可限制腕帶作為單一個人使用, 結合RFID本身提供的ID識別收付費的功能, 最適合應用於短期活動中, 做門票管理與電子錢包之用。

     此外, Dispoable Wristband在RFID標籤處也經過封口處理, 增加了防水的效果, 更增加了此RFID腕帶在應用上的彈性。 有此下相關的應用嗎? Disposable Wristband是您絕佳的應用選擇。

推廌應用: 水上活動、演唱會、糖果節&花海節、海洋音樂祭、博覽會、Party、成長營...等的門票與消費活動管理。



    EM4200 (內建64bit /128bit 唯讀記憶容量) 自2009年推出後即用來要取代EM4102/EM4100-以門禁為主的應用, 與EM4105-以動物管理為主的應用。

    EM4200因具有Mega Pad的版本, 所以可採用SAG擁有的封裝技術(Patended), 使RFID Antenna可直接與IC作封裝連接。 少了模組的厚度, 大幅減少卡面凹凸的問題, SAG 能更真實呈現原圖檔設計的效果, 減少露白點的問題產生。

    而以目前市面上多數的廠商來說, 普便以便宜的PCB做模組封裝成卡片, 雖然價格較低, 但因厚度無法管控, 不僅在印刷時產生嚴重露白, 無法完美呈現設計效果, 也傷害印刷的機台與客戶信心。 選擇SAG的卡片, 讓SAG來幫你解決品質需求的問題!!!

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