SAG introduces Waste Bin Tag to benefit the waste/recyclable material management.

waste bin tag

     SAG answers the demand for waste/recyclable material management by its new RFID Waste Bin Tag.  Directly put onto the waste bin, this Tag, with its robust housing, can withstand the harsh environment under the daily operation.

     Waste Bin Tag (30mm in diameter) can be screwed onto the specific area of the waste bin and provide it with the so-called unique identification number (UID).  When the waste truck, equipped with the RFID interrogator, does the collection, it records and deducts the deposited amount which users pay for the service.

Recommendable Application: Asset tracking/management, Item-level reorganization, Waste bin management.

Upcoming Trade Show: RFID Journal LIVE! 2010

rfid journal live 2010

SAG, as RFID solution provider and transponder manufacturer, will make its appearance at RFID Journal Live 2010 held at CONVENSION CENTER in Orlando, USA.

  • RFID Journal LIVE! 2010
    14th - 16th April 2010
    Booth No. 651
    Orange County Convention Center
    Orlando, FL USA

During this exhibition, SAG will demonstrate its new UHF and on-metal Tag together with the technology.

RFID Journal LIVE! 2010 is one of the most well-attended RFID events in the U.S. See live demonstrations of the latest products and technologies from more than 175 companies; network with peers and RFID thought leaders; attend conference tracks, seminars, and more.

Upcoming Trade Show: EuroID 2010

EURO ID 2010

The third stop of SAG's annual exhibitions is in Cologne, Germany. The exhibitions is hosted in Cologne is Euro ID 2010 from May 4th to May 6th.

During the exhibition period, SAG is going to demonstrate the new RFID transponders which are developed in Q1, 2010. SAG sincerely invites you to drop by our booth.

Euro ID 2010 Booth No. is C14

產品上市: Waste Bin Tag, 讓垃圾箱也有ID ? 也能付費?

waste bin tag

    SAG 今日推出全新RFID 標籤 - Waste Bin Tag, 此款標籤(TAG)專門設計被應用於垃圾箱(垃圾子母車)的收付費管理, 材料包裝的部份, 皆已將垃圾箱使用時環境條件考量進去, 是個經得起考驗且非常耐用的標籤(TAG)。

    Waste Bin Tag 直徑30mm, 側身環繞著螺紋可直接將標籤旋轉固定於垃圾箱的隱蔽處, 提供每只垃圾箱單獨的識別碼(ID), 每當垃圾車經過為家家戶戶處理垃圾的同時, 透過固定於垃圾車上的RFID讀取器, 即可自動進行紀錄與扣款, 落實所謂的使用者付費。

   推廌應用: 資產追蹤、資產管理、物件識別、垃圾箱收費管理、垃圾箱管理..等。

參展訊息: 美國奧蘭多 RFID Journal Live! 2010

rfid journal live 2010

    SAG 身為RFID 標籤解決方案的提供者(亦為製造商), 4月將現身於美國奧蘭多的CONVENSION CENTER, 參與RFID產業的專業展會 - RFID Journal Live 2010!

    RFID Journal Live 2010! 展會作為全球RFID行業最具知名度、最值得信賴的RFID展會品牌,已成功在美國舉辦了七屆。來自全球的RFID終端用戶、採購商、系統整合商、產業專家、供應商齊聚一堂,分享交流RFID技術的最新發展、應用實施的經驗。

    展會期間, SAG 將展示近期以來, 所有RFID標籤的最新產品與技術開發, 其中包含UHF與抗金屬的開發能力相關。

     - 攤位號碼: 651

     - 展覽期間: 4月14 ~ 4月16日


參展訊息: 德國科隆 EURO ID 2010

EURO ID 2010

   SAG 韋僑 年度展覽在5月份將繼續推往至下一座城市德國科隆, 參加歐洲自動識別領域第一品牌的會展 [Euro ID 2010], 是歐洲自動識別(The Number-One for automatic ID)聚焦領域鮮明

  • 地點: 德國科隆國際會展中心
  • 時間: 5月4日 ~ 5月6日
  • 攤位號碼: C14

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