New RFID Keyfob: Piano Finished Domino Keyfob shines your RFID application.

Piano Finished Domino Keyfob

     SAG gives RFID Keyfob a new face and come up with the Piano Finished Domino Keyfob. This keyfob is built with a slim housing and painted to give a mirror-like piano surface. With this feature and choice for different colors, a simple RFID keyfob becomes a trendy and high class accessory.

     Piano Finished Domino Keyfob ( L50 x W15 x T3.5mm) can be customized with the needed logo, slogan, and URL as a powerful marketing tool.  With the advantage of shiny painting, it will be the focus of attention.  In terms of RFID, Mifare is ready and available for grab.  This chip can be encrypted with key code, making it ideal for Access Control, e-ticketing, membership program, e-wallet and mass transportation.

Recommendable Application: Access Control, Public Transportation e-ticketing, Loyalty Program, e-Wallet...etc.

Upcoming Trade Show: EURO ID 2010 at Cologne Germany

EURO ID 2010

SAG will join the most recognizable Exhibition for identification technology in Europe.  EURO ID [The Number-One for automatic ID] is the meeting place for those who are involved in RFID application for industrial purpose.  SAG will showcase its know-how and technology by taking the most advantage of this show.

  • Place: EXPO XXI Cologne
  • Date : May 4th - May 6th
  • Euro ID 2010 Booth No.: C14

We welcome your visiting.

Upcoming Trade Show: IFSEC 2010 at Birmingham UK

IFSEC 2010

SAG will join IFSEC 2010 at Birmingham UK to drum up more businesses from players in Access Control and Security Solution. IFSEC is the brand name show for the elite in RFID industry. SAG will unveil its new RFID Keyfob and Tag there. We highly welcome you there.

  • Place: NEC Birmingham
  • Date : May 10th - May 13th
  • IFSEC 2010 Booth No.: C104 Hall 4

新品上市: 高質感鏡亮感應扣, 為您的RFID應用升級加分!

Piano Finished Domino Keyfob

    SAG 今日推出全新RFID感應扣 - Piano Finished Domino Keyfob。 此款RFID感應扣(RFID Keyfob), 擁有細長輕薄的造型、簡單俐落的設計, 外部塗裝採用高質感的鋼琴鏡面烤漆, 為原本單純的RFID感應扣, 增加了許多的高貴感與時尚感。

    Piano Finished Domino Keyfob, 尺寸規格為長50 x 寬15 x 厚度3.5mm。 可提供的客製化服務方面, 可選擇印製客戶的形象Logo, Slogan 與網址, 藉由鋼琴鏡面烤漆的效果, 經光線將脫穎出整體高貴的品牌形象; 而在內部RFID部份上, 目前結合使用MIFARE 的RFID晶片, 擁有安全性的金錀密碼, 適合被用做於門禁考勤管理, 電子票卷, 會員管理, 小額付費/消費..等。如有進一步業務相關的問題, 歡迎洽詢。

   推廌應用: 身份識別, 門禁考勤管理, 大眾運輸票卷, 會員管理, 電子錢包..等。

參展訊息: 德國科隆 EURO ID 2010

EURO ID 2010

   SAG 韋僑 年度展覽在5月份將推往至德國科隆這個城市, 參加歐洲自動識別領域第一品牌的會展 [Euro ID 2010], 是歐洲自動識別(The Number-One for automatic ID)聚焦領域鮮明, 對於SAG在RFID工業應用上的長久發展來說, 是一個專業展示的平台與媒介, 以展示其在這方面的專業技術與發展。

  • 地點: 德國科隆國際會展中心
  • 時間: 5月4日 ~ 5月6日
  • 攤位號碼: C14


參展訊息: 英國伯明罕 IFSEC 2010

IFSEC 2010

   緊接在德國EURO ID之後, SAG 韋僑 也將繼續前往英國伯明罕, 參加英國 [IFSEC 2010] - 彙集世界各地的安全/保全業界精英在此展現最新科技的產品。這次SAG也將在此歐洲指標性的展覽中, 展示近期SAG所開發精進的RFID門禁相關的感應扣與標籤, 我們竭誠歡迎您的蒞臨。

  • 地點: 英國伯明罕 - NEC Birmingham
  • 時間: 5月10日 ~ 5月13日
  • 攤位號碼: C104, Hall 4

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