New product: UHF Flexible Tag: the new name for waterproof and high temperature UHF Tag

UHF Flexible Tag

SAG Flexible Tag targets asset management and industrial application in UHF technology.  Resilient and bendable, Flexible Tag gives enormous possibilities to RFID creative ideas in non-metal environment. 

Uniform laundry management, for example, can be an easy job when this tag can withstand the chemical damage, 120 degrees drying and 200 degrees ironing.  Pressure during the whole process is nothing to Flexible Tag.  To put the tag onto the clothing, you can either use label heat-seal machine or sew it by the help of two holes on the tag itself.

Recommendable Application: Uniform management, Laundry Management, Asset or Material Control. (Curved Surface Applicable)

Dual IC / Dual Frequency ISO Card simplify your life by consolidation

Dual Frequency Card

RFID has become a part of our everyday life.  When there is a demand for access control and mass transportation ticketing in one card, there is always an answer by System Integrator.  That is: different chip or RF band.

Under such circumstance, one card with 2 chips or RF bands can help to embrace each individual application / system.  For the time being, SAG is proud to be the number one supplier for high quality dual chips/frequency cards.

新品上市: 輕巧柔軟、防水耐高溫的UHF標籤 Flexible Tag

UHF Flexible Tag

    SAG 推出全新UHF頻段適用於資產管理與工業應用的RFID標籤 - Flexible Tag, 柔軟白皙是此RFID標籤給人的第一印象, 柔軟中帶強韌性與耐用性的特色內涵, 使Flexible Tag 在應用的安裝上彷如其名極具彈性, 可被應用於多種不同的RFID無金屬干擾的方案中。

    Flexible Tag 最值得推廌被作為員工制服的管理, 能承受洗滌環境過程中的化學清潔藥劑, 高溫能承受120度的烘烤與200度的熨燙, 且同時能防止熨燙時壓力所造成的損壞, 皆讓Flexible Tag在洗衣管理中成為最理想的RFID應用標籤。使用方式, 除可運用Label熱壓印機(heat-seal machine) 外, 還可以利用 Flexible Tag 二側的獨立孔設計直接縫製或固定於衣物上。歡迎進一步洽詢。

   推廌應用: 員工制服管理, 自動化洗衣管理, 資產管理, 物料管理...等。

雙IC、雙頻段感應卡, 倍增效用, 迅速簡化整合

Dual Frequency Card

     隨著RFID應用慢慢進入我們的生活, 門禁卡、考勤卡、通勤卡越來越多, 同時, 系統商在整合應用時, 也會依照應用的屬性與時空背景的不同, 採用不同RF工作頻段來提供解決的方案。 

     在這樣的情境的發展下, 1張感應卡, 如能同時擁有2種不頻段或晶片的功能, 將有助於新舊系統與不同應用的整合。一直以來, SAG 的專業製程與經驗, 能提供高品質的"雙頻感應卡"或"雙IC感應卡", 協助解決許多客戶在轉換與整合上的煩惱。

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