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Waterproof Silicone Wristband Tag Launched



SAG has recently launched Silicone Wristband Tag with RFID technology. This is especially designed for integrated the different service providing in Water Park, Cruise, Swimming Pool, Sauna, Spa Hotel and so forth.


  bar Waterproof
  IP68 protection class allows the tag to be used in the environment of water without the possibility of malfunction.
  bar Heat-resistant
  Heat-resistant material allows wristband to be worn and used in some high temperature environment, such as spa or sauna.
  bar Reusable
  Because of heat-resistant feature, Silicone Wristband can be proceeded in high temperature sterilization equipment. Thus, next user can feel no worry when using it.

This makes it cost efficient to the manufacturer and environment-friendly to the global.
  bar Green & innocuous material
  RoHS compliant & SGS tested.
  bar Wearing easily & comfortably
By using soft and flexible material of silicone, wristband provides a comfortable and easy feeling touch while wearing and bearing.
bar Free-Hand design
With multi-application function, it gives freedom and joyfulness to the users in water activities when personal ID, wallet can be electronically incorporated into RFID chip.
bar Fashion design
Its ergonomically curved design perfectly fit the wrist. Also, the slim curve and side texture gives a modern touch to the new wristband tag.

bar LF or HF chips are available

  Silicone Wristband can be installed with diversity LF or HF RFID chips.

SAG Silicone Wristband Tag is applied in the water resort for e-ticketing, access control and e-payment.  For water sports or activities, it is not convenient to carry a wallet if purchase is needed; needless to say, it will ruin his/her happy mood when getting their stuff soaked. 

However, Silicone Wristband Tag can totally solve this problem when making e-payment possible. Putting on this tag, tourists can carry both the ID and pocket insidRFID Silicone Wristbande one wristband when they are in their swimsuits.  Featuring waterproof, this wristband tag gives flexible and comfortable touch.  Tourists can easily complete every transaction and just enjoy all the rides in the resort wherever they are in big wave beach, sliding, spa or sunbathing. 

In the meantime, their personal belongings are secured in resort’s locker controlled by RFID system.  Tourists can lock and open the locker by using their unique wristband.  All thanks to LEGIC chip’s security and e-payment features, tourists can also use it in shopping, dining and drinking. 

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Booth No. 4K085
SAG is in CARTES, Paris, France, 4-6 November, 2008.

SAG is going to participate CARTES & IDentification 2008 in Paris on November 4-6. Booth No. is 4K085.

CARTES & IDentification is the world's largest show for the smart card and identification industries.

RFID矽膠腕帶, 彈力上市


韋僑(SAG), 推出最新款式的RFID感應腕帶- "矽膠腕帶"。材質以矽膠為 主體, 主要設計應用於多項水上活動, 例如: 大眾/私人游泳池、三溫暖、 健身俱樂部、溫泉飯店、遊輪、水上樂園...等。

搭配著RFID所賦予的功能, 使其具身份識別、消費儲值、資料儲存...等, 使矽膠腕帶提供真正有效的整合。


  bar IP68的防護層級。
  防水的設計, 完全適用於多項的水上休閒活動。
  bar 富彈性的材質設計, 穿戴上舒適輕鬆。
  Silicone柔軟性材質的嚴選, 讓不同年齡、體型的使用者,

穿脫都能變得輕鬆容易; 佩帶上也較柔軟舒適。
  bar 耐高溫
  耐高溫的設計, 應用的環境更佳多元, 舉凡三溫暖中的烤箱、 泡溫泉、桑拿...等環境皆能適用。
  bar 可重覆使用
  腕帶能承受100ºC 高溫殺菌; 讓下一位使用者能無慮的安心使用。廠商亦可達到成本節約、 節能做環境的效益。
  bar 綠色材料
嚴選環保無毒材料, 符合RoHS標準, 並通過SGS檢測。
bar Free-Hand設計
極具彈性的應用設計, 提供使用者在從事水上活動時, 免去攜帶、佩掛證件、錢包等物品, 以真正享受到RFID所帶來的輕鬆、安全與便利。
bar 時尚設計
單孤型設計, 符合手腕彎曲的人體工學設計。 弧型曲線與線條雙側紋路, 引領出時尚與流形的新感受。

bar 頻段自由選

  不管是高頻(HF)或低頻(LF)皆能彈性配合廠商的需求, 歡迎您來信洽詢。

結合SAG RFID矽膠腕帶(RFID Silicone Wristband Tag) RFID Silicone Wristband所帶來的優點, 廠商將可從頭至尾的有效進行整合, 以水上樂園為例, 遊客自購入門票後, 即佩予腕帶, 腕帶將不僅僅提供門票 證明、置物櫃鑰匙, 亦提供電子錢包(消費)的服務。

因此, 遊客佩帶著RFID矽膠腕帶後, 將不再需要隨身帶著錢包、隨身衣物、 置物櫃鑰匙...等, 或請人幫忙看顧; 遊客可以以更輕鬆與休閒的方式遊玩所有的水上設施。

對進一步的產品資料與樣品有興趣, 歡迎您與我們聯絡!

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