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1 The Most Popular Keyfob Products On Global 2020-06-23
2 Tag on mission to conquest the metal 2020-05-15
3 Ready your business when reopen is on the horizon. 2020-05-05
4 Why Taiwan is the “Role Model” you could follow in the COVID-19 crisis? 2020-04-13
5 Smart Manufacturing Rocks Your Efficiency. 2020-03-31
6 New date on the postponed events at SAG schedule. 2020-03-18
7 SAG will not be at LogiMat 2020 -- official cancellation under public health concern 2020-03-02
8 SAG, your RAIN RFID solution provider, has presence at IDTech Ex this November. 2019-11-14
9 SAG will unveil RAIN RFID Overmolded Brick Metal Tag-P at RFID-Tomorrow. 2019-09-30
10 Be amazed with credentials made in Taiwan at GSX in Chicago this September. 2019-08-15
11 SAG Miniaturized RFID Tags Are Read From Inside Metal. 2019-07-23
12 Visit SAG at Hannover Messe and RFID Journal Live 2019 this April 2019-03-27
13 SAG celebrates the 20th anniversary and has LogiMat as our 1st show in 2019. 2019-02-11
14 SAG is coming to meet you at Essen Security in Germany and GSX in USA this September. 2018-09-05
15 SAG 6mm Plug Metal Tag will play big at Hannover Messe 2018. 2018-04-13
16 SAG RAIN RFID Adjustable Wristband is coming to get your attention at RFID Journal Live 2018. 2018-03-26
17 SAG Cable Tie Tag ignites your logistical innovation in LogiMat 2018. 2018-02-21
18 SAG Rain Overmolded Pear Keyfob crosses the 4 meter read range hurdle. 2018-02-22
19 Meet SAG at SPS IPC Drive for 0806 Dynamic Tag Module and 0503 NFC Ferrite Tag. 2017-11-10
20 SAG Rain Overmolded Pear Keyfob is now available for versatile applications. 2017-10-30
21 SAG Ultra Keyfob is coming to catch your eyeball at ASIS. 2017-09-05
22 SAG, Overmolded Uni Metal Tag and 0806 DTM will be the centerpiece at RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow. 2017-09-01
23 SAG, your powerhouse of RFID solutions, sees you soon at Security Expo in Sydney 2017-07-06
24 Overmolded Ultra Keyfob – when craftsmanship meets originality 2017-06-19
25 SAG Overmolded Ultra Keyfob is making its debut exquisitely at IFSEC2017 2017-06-03
26 SAG is coming to meet you at Computex 2017 in Taipei. 2017-05-12
27 SAG continues its presence at RFID Journal Live to team up with your RFID idea and real case. 2017-04-21
28 SAG is connected with Industry 4.0 at Hannover Messe this April. 2017-04-07
29 SAG has Overmolded Uni Metal Tag to solve for X at Promat 2017. 2017-03-20
30 SAG equips D29 smart label with Mifare DESFire EV1 256B chip. 2017-03-09
31 SAG Overmolded Uni Metal Tag is going to be the eye catching spot at LogiMat 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany. 2017-03-01
32 SAG, the selected partner, continues Texas Instrument inlay life. 2017-01-14
33 SAG will start its 2017 road trip from Intersec, Dubai UAE in January. 2016-12-30
34 SAG moves to Cannes for Trustech 2016-11-14
35 SAG has IP69K tag solution to answer high end applications. 2016-10-26
36 SAG makes its debut at Electronica Munich to team up with your application with RFID potential. 2016-10-19
37 UHF SP Metal Tag never fails you from BEHIND – SAG and nowhere else. 2016-10-05
38 SAG has talent at RFID Tomorrow and Security Essen this September in Germany. 2016-08-25
39 SAG sees you soon at Auto ID Expo in Tokyo Japan. 2016-08-19
40 SAG Data Logger for Cold Chain Management 2016-07-28
41 SAG sees you soon at Security Expo in Melbourne Australia. 2016-06-29
42 NXP Semiconductors grants the MIFARE Advanced Partner to SAG. 2016-06-06
43 SAG is coming to meet you at IFSEC & Sensor Expo 2016. 2016-05-23
44 SAG is coming to meet you at Computex 2016 in Taipei. 2016-05-16
45 SAG PCB Tag reaches a new boundary in 6mm for on-metal application. 2016-04-30
46 SAG has a new face in UHF tag solution at RFID Journal Live 2016. 2016-04-27
47 SAG makes its debut at Hannover Messe. 2016-03-29
48 SAG has tag solutions with FRAM memory technology to net all applications 2016-03-14
49 UHF FLEXIBLE TAG 2016-02-19
50 Texas Instrument selects SAG to continue the life of TI inlays. 2016-01-26
51 SAG is officially listed on Taipei Exchange 2015-10-07
52 New product: SAG PETF ISO Card 2015-09-10
53 Exhibition Schedule in Sep./ November 2015-07-28
54 Exhibition Schedule in June/July 2015-05-17
55 Exhibition Schedule in April 2015-03-23
56 Exhibition Schedule in January/February 2015-01-13
57 New Product : sBand 2014-05-27
58 Exhibition Schedule in June 2014-04-15
59 SAG begins providing NFC products with NXP NTAG213/215/216 chips! 2014-04-16
60 New Product : UHF 3D ISO Card 2014-03-10
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