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It is known that the etching antenna can be utilized to produce RFID inlays, labels, cards and widely used in various fields such as logistics, supply chain, public transportation, events, and library management etc. The etching antenna technology is beneficial to mass production processes for the purpose of product standardization and cost reduction.

Since 1999, SAG has been in pursuit of producing high-quality RFID transponders and enhancing its core competence by continuous advancement. In order to fulfill various requirements from customers, SAG extended its product line to aluminum etching antenna. Accumulating years of know-how in antenna design and aluminum etching technology, SAG is glad to announce that it can provide ordinary and customized patterns of aluminum etching antenna per customer’s request. Owing to the efforts on R&D, even as a small dimension of 14.5mm x 14.5mm is no longer a problem for SAG. Features a delicate track width of 150μm, the 14.5mm x 14.5mm aluminum etching antenna offers better reading performance and lower price than copper etching antenna.

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