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SAG has UHF Flexible Tag on the shelf for all purposes. 


UHF FLEXIBLE TAG is a robust and waterproof RFID tag for long-distance tracking. This tag is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPV) housing, a flexible but robust material widely used as automobile hoses. Built by overmolding process, it can be used in harsh environment and delivers read ranges from 26 ft (8 m) to 32 ft (10 m) while being mounted on non-metal surface.

Bound with a cable tie through two holes, it can be easily attached to any rounded or irregular surface. In case of tagging a metallic object, tie the tag in one hole only and make it like a flag to avoid the interference. And for visual identification or branding, this tag can be marked by laser with logo, UID number or even barcode for permanent, no fading graphic. With all these features, UHF Flexible Tag provides more possibilities for UHF tagging.


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