UHF 90x28 On Metal Label

Product Name : UHF 90x28 On Metal Label
Description :
SAG is glad to release "UHF 90x28 on Metal Label" which utilizes Alien Higgs 3 chip and conforms to EPC Gen2 protocol. Thanks to the special antenna design and material, the UHF 90x28 on Metal Label is optimized for using on metal objects. The UHF 90x28 on Metal Label provides excellent performance and long reading range up to 4 meters. Less than 1 mm of thickness facilitates the attachment on curved and metallic assets for various applications.

Recommended Applications : Industrial Asset Tracking, IT Equipment Management and Inventory Control……etc.
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UHF 90x28 On Metal Label
Dimension L 90 x W28 x T0.8 mm
RFID Chip Alien Higgs 3
Working Frequency (EU)866~868 MHz / (US)902~928 MHz
Material PP
Operating Temparature -40℃~85℃
Storage Temparature -40℃~85℃
IP Class IP68