UHF 80x10 Inlay

Product Name : UHF 80x10 Inlay
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SAG has always been one of the leading manufactures and innovators in RFID technology. In order to fulfill more requirements and applications, we constantly research and design new products, UHF Inlay/Label included.

SAG offers a unique expertise in UHF Inlay/Label design by accumulating experience and know-how. We are glad to announce the new UHF Inlay/Label, measured 80mm * 10mm in die cut size, with wide-band antenna design for asset tracking/supply chain management.

This 80x10mm UHF Inlay/Label uses NXP’s UCODE G2iL series chips which conform to EPC specification and can support features such as TagTamper Alarm, Data Transfer, Digital Switch, and advanced privacy-protection modes if necessary. Such UHF Inlay/Label can be advantageous for long reading distance application and suitable for object like corrugated cardboard box.

Recommendable Application: Asset Management, Inventory Control, Supply Chain Management.

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UHF 80x10 Inlay
RFID Chip NXP UCODE G2iL series chips
Working Frequency 860-960MHz
Antenna Dimension  76 x   6 mm
Die Cut Dimension 80 x 10 mm