0806 Dynamic Tag Module

製品名称 : 0806 Dynamic Tag Module
説明 :
Description : 0806 Dynamic Tag Module packages both antenna and chip in one unit. The dual interface of both RFID (NDEF message support) and I²C can go with your sensor, consumer electronics, and energy harvesting device with the help of SMD process.
数量 :

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NFC Ferrite Tag 0503
Dimensions L 8.0 x W 6.0 x T 1.35 mm
Material Ferrite
Frequency HF
Storage Temperature -40~85°C
IC Chip ST ST25DV04K / ST M24SR02-Y
STD ISO/IEC 15693 / ISO/IEC 14443A
NFC Forum Type 5 / Type 4
Memory 4K Bit / 2K Bit