On-Metal Stick Tag

產品名稱 :On-Metal Stick Tag
描述 :
On-Metal Stick Tag, with a universal hole in the center, can be screwed on metal surface. Its robust housing is also designed for applications in harsh environment.
數量 :

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On-Metal Stick Tag
Dimensions OD 34 x ID 4.5 xT 6 mm
Material Nylon
Frequency LF/ HF/ UHF
Operating Temperature -40~85°C
Storage Temperature -40~100°C
Peak Temperature 200°C, 30 mins
Protection Class IP68
Approx. Weight 6.5g
Applicable Surface Material Metal
Options Pad Printing/ Laser Engraving/ Adhesive
Available RFID Chip AtmelATA5577/ NXPI‧CODE SLIX/ NXPNTAG213/ NXPNTAG216/ NXPMIFARE S50 EV1/ EM4200/ EM4450/ InfineonSRF 55V10P/ ALIENHiggs-3