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SAG Data Logger for Cold Chain Management


To ensure the safety and premium quality of perishable goods (such as fruit and dairy products) or medical items, monitoring the temperature during the transportation is of its value and importance.  Cold chain management offers benefits for supplier, logistic service provider and end user to understand the temperature/humidity change during the whole process.  It also helps provide evidence if any dispute occurs.  Data (point of temperature/humidity) collection requires sensor technology and RFID facilitates a contactless transmission.  SAG has its capability to shape both technologies into a new product – Data Logger, to answer this kind of demands. 
With slim and simple design, SAG Data Logger comes with active and passive types to be powered by NFC phone.  This reading mechanism makes this application easily accessible to the general public.  Just a simple tap onto your mobile phone and you can acquire the temperature data at hand.  For more details, please find the product spec. as described.