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SAG equips D29 smart label with Mifare DESFire EV1 256B chip.

RFID_eNEWS/D29 Label.jpg

SAG earns the reputation as a trustworthy label supplier in terms of premium quality control, a variety of label sizes for selection and unrivaled metal label production in reel format. We now add a new item into our menu—DESFire EV1 256B D29 label, to answer more potential applications.

Though its small memory size, DESFire EV1 256B, the entry-level chip in DESFire EV1 family, offers consistent high security and file creation as the other high memory types do in DESFire EV1 family. Compliant with ISO 14443 Protocol, this chip is designed to go applications such as access control, public transport ticketing, and loyalty program. We can mass produce this label to target your RFID requirements upon request now.