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SAG has Overmolded Uni Metal Tag to solve for X at Promat 2017.


After a successful presence at LogiMat in Stuttgart Germany, showing our transponders for the logistic world, SAG will land Promat in Chicago to keep this momentum in the upcoming April. Diversified technologies have been implemented to make logistic and supply chain management more efficient. "Solve for X" becomes the theme for Promat 2017. To echo this, SAG has our Overmolded Uni Metal Tag as the answer to the X. What makes this tag shocking? Usually, you put UHF Metal Tag in the front (surface) side of the metallic item (such as the door of an electrical control box) and it faces to the reader to perform. Now, with the tag's unique antenna design, it still performs when the tag is in the shadow side of the metallic item. The tag performance is enhanced to improve the convenience in RFID tagging and boost the efficiency in intralogistics. You cannot miss to see how it works at:

  • Place : Chicago, USA
  • Date : 3-6 April 2017
  • Booth No. : S5641