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Overmolded Ultra Keyfob – when craftsmanship meets originality

RFID Keyfob has long been a necessary tool and companion in our times. Though it's small and ordinary in the look, it does a vital job – granting you the access to a place or activating a function. Any failure will surely make you see red. SAG knows your problem and looks at a keyfob differently. A keyfob might go through some challenges just because of our negligence, in most cases – washed together with your clothes, ran over by a car, or snapped open in the keychain hole. Offering an answer to these problems, Overmolded Pear Keyfob has been in the market to reinterpret the definition of a strong keyfob and yes, it has spoken for itself from our content users worldwide.

However, no ceiling can limit the ambition to add some more values to our products. The design of the exquisite keyfob happens via a background of years of our craftsmanship and the belief on originality. We rethink, redesign and rebuild the fob. After all endeavors, the all new Overmolded Ultra Keyfob inherits all the good essence from our keyfob family. What's even better? This keyfob is crowned with a metal part which gives a great volumn in your hand and conveys a sense of refinement from its matte texture. With 10 colors for selections, it can now be a decorative to your style with no compromise to its electrical function.

The design of Overmolded Ultra Keyfob creates something entirely new – it communicates not only to the readers, but also your charisma to the others by blending itself as a luxury. Now, you can take a peek at this meticulous masterpiece from the sketched picture. The real keyfob is now on display at IFSEC 2017, London UK. You are welcome to come and visit us.