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SAG, Overmolded Uni Metal Tag and 0806 DTM will be the centerpiece at RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow.

This September is another big month for SAG. RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow will be open in Dusseldorf, Germany from September 27 to 28 to bring the top players in the same venue and welcome those who are eager to get a solution to facilitate their applications in IoT and Industry 4.0. Come and see how our Overmolded Uni Metal Tag and 0806 Dynamic Tag Module play magic in the domain of RAIN and NFC. Live demo will be there. Before the show, you have a chance to see why front reading is not the only choice for Overmolded Uni Metal Tag. We shot a series of video and put them on SAG Youtube channel. Take a look by clicking the following link. We believe you will enjoy our simple but powerful works. We look forward to your visiting.

  • Place : Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Date : 27 - 28 September 2017
  • Booth No. : 47