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Meet SAG at SPS IPC Drive for 0806 Dynamic Tag Module and 0503 NFC Ferrite Tag.


SPS IPC Drive 2017 will start from Nov. 28 to 30 at Exhibition Center Nuremberg in Germany. This trade fair offers a platform for the professional and experts to search the right solutions for automation tasks. Industrial 4.0 facilitate the vision and execution of a “Smart Factory” to embrace automation, data exchange and manufacturing technologies. All these create a value chain to connect different things and lead to the idea of IoT which is the new gold rush for more possibilities. RFID no doubt plays an important role for this revolution and SAG is eager to take our part in for the first time. Come and see how our 0806 Dynamic Tag Module and 0503 NFC Ferrite Tag play magic in the domain of RAIN and NFC. Overmolded Uni Metal Tag and Rain Overmolded Pear Keyfob can also help you plan your RFID deployment. Meet SAG at: 

  • Place: Nuremberg, Germany
  • Date: 28- 30 Nov 2017
  • Booth #: 4A-555