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SAG Rain Overmolded Pear Keyfob crosses the 4 meter read range hurdle.

Overmolded Pear Keyfob (nicknamed OPK), originally designed and created by SAG, features100% water resistance and outstanding color contrast of laser marking; these make this keyfob one of a kind in its class. Other than these, its ultra thin (2.2mm in thickness), flat housing and perfectly rounded edge evolve a keyfob from a tool to a high value accessory. Since its birth and years of promotions, the success of this keyfob has been proven not only in the million pieces sold worldwide, but also in the lives of its content users. It also knocks the doors of the luxury apartments and hotels in Monaco to prove its value.

LF, HF or the combination of dual technologies can be cemented into one fob for multiple applications. Now, Rain technology (so-called UHF band in both US and EU bands) is newly added to complete the OPK portfolio. The reading range can now reaches 4 meters, making it ideally go to parking lot or dock door where long reading range is required. We see use cases for the operators in semiconductor fabrication plant getting its benefits. When they are under the tight and clumsy clean suit, “Rain OPK” helps them get access without having to reach out a keyfob to tap and go. This hands-free solution gives them efficiency. Besides the usage in access control, the industrial grade plastic (PA6) makes Overmolded Pear Keyfob to be a viable option used in other territories.

Right now, 4 colors – white, yellow, green and red, are available for your selection. SAG helps realize your smart life with a good taste and we endeavor to do more than you expect.