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SAG Miniaturized RFID Tags Are Read From Inside Metal.


During these years, NFC technology has become no stranger to many business territories thanks to the promotional activities and down-to-earth applications that make our lives more convenient.  Other than the known areas, now, its advantage is well exploited in the industry sector.  We have seen system integrator, chip supplier, and end users are collaborating to deal with challenges in different situation.  Miniaturization is something with focus and attention.  With the help of SAG antenna design capability and the newly-introduced micro injection process, SAG come up with two miniaturized tags – 6mm Plug Tag and M10 Screw Tag.


6mm Plug Tag has the size in D6xH4mm.  With NFC chip inside (NXP ICode SLIX; NFC Type 5 compliant) (ST25TV02K, NFC Type 5 Compliant), this tag can be put and read from within metal by your NFC-enabled phones, which means no need of inductive couplers and costs less for the users to realize applications such as asset management and process control. Last but not least, 6mm Plug Tag is the smallest tag in our metal tag series featuring such an advantage with superior environment resistibility.On the other hand, M10 Screw Tag, empowered by Fujitsu MB89R118 technology, resembles a metric bolt (M10x1.5mm).  This tag is designed to be screwed into a metallic object (tapped with thread) and read from inside metal, which facilitates factory automation and process control.

SAG has been dedicated to create RFID transponders for different scenarios.  Our miniaturized tags fit size-constraint items and features reading from inside metal.  We are eager to hear more applications from you to fuel our enthusiasm as a transponder solution provider.

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SAG is granted as NXP Advanced Partner,SAG is granted as ST Advanced Partner, SONY Green Partner, Arsenal-certified card manufacturer, ISO 9001:2008, and IECQ QC080000.  We also join global alliances such as AIM, RAIN RFID, and NFC Forum to join conferences and exhibitions to team up with others in the RFID community to make all things connected.