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Why Taiwan is the “Role Model” you could follow in the COVID-19 crisis?

·Taiwan-based SAG in normal operation

SAG, your RFID transponder solution provider in Taiwan, would like to send you our concerns with your health and safety under the coronavirus pandemic. Though the public health issue poses a threat to the society, there is not much change to the Taiwanese people in life, work and schooling. So far, there are fewer than 400 reported cases when we were presumed to be the second worst hit countries in the world just because we are close neighbor to China.

·Taiwan becomes a role model from lessons from SARS

How we contain the widespread has been headlines in many presses and media (see below news link). However, it is not miracle or luck. Taiwan, severely attacked by SARS in 2003, has learned the lessons and taken all necessary measures to mitigate the risks when facing the new crisis. Yes, we had been through the worst situations, so our government “plans ahead” this time and monitors every potential loophole.

·Do the things right

For example, wearing face mask is an effective way to prevent you from contracting the airborne disease. To keep up with the booming demand on masks, our government assembles a team of manufacturers specializing in automation and the production line was set and ready just within days. Also, a smart phone app developed by National Health Institute provides a convenient way to buy masks. And all Taiwan citizens are covered by the National Health Insurance. With all these measures and social welfare, we can overcome this hardship.


All in all, Taiwan CDC has the following advices for you to follow.
*Wash your hands thoroughly with soap.


*Wear surgical masks when coughing or sneezing


*Avoid crowded places, including hospitals


*Avoid unnecessary overseas travel


We all wish you in good health and safety

News Link:
Taiwan’s coronavirus response is among the best globally.
Taiwan Vice President Chen interviewed by BBC.

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