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NFC Advanced Use Cases for Branding and Sensor Pairing


A typical Smart Label comprises of antenna and chip within top surface layer and bottom adhesive. Due to its simple structure, NFC label has a great flexibility in size and gives cost competitiveness compared to hard tag products. Meanwhile, artwork printing can be applied to the top paper to make your label with a style. NFC Label acts as a quick product solution to enable an item with NFC function.


· NFC Label Facilitates Smart Branding

NFC Label enables Branding with tamper proof and other value-added features for you to discover. It brings protection to both your brand image and customer safety. To show you how it benefits you, SAG has Demo App to download.

· How Tamper Detect Function Works


NFC Tag 


· NFC Card

NFC card can act as a medium to assist pairing another device out of reach whether in a narrow space or high place. Such a device can be a temperature or humidity sensor. Using your NFC-enabled phone to read this NFC card, you can activate Bluetooth pairing between the phone and sensor to allow data transfer. Meanwhile, the card body allows more information such as QR code or numbering to be printed as a method for visual recognition and identification.

* Built with PETF layer, NFC card has enhanced heat-resistibility up to 100 degrees in Celsius, making it ideally survive a high temperature environment.

* We also have paper card as an eco-friendly material which brings less impact or pollution to the environment when disposed.


· How It Works?

1) Card surface provides an area for printing information to assist visual identification.

2) A Bluetooth temperature/humidity sensor is attached to an item stored in the cabinet.

3) No need to open the door.  Read the NFC Card to activate the Bluetooth pairing between your phone and the sensor to allow data transfer.


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Overmolded Pear Keyfob 

for Access Control


Adjustable UHF Wristband 

Realizes Hands-Free


Windshield Label (sTag) 

for Vehicle Identification


SAG is granted as NXP Advanced Partner, SONY Green Partner, Arsenal-certified and CQM card manufacturer, ISO 9001:2015 , ISO 13485 and IECQ QC080000. We also join global alliances such as RAIN RFID, and NFC Forum to join conferences and exhibitions to team up with others in the RFID community to make all things connected.