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The Groundbreaking Ceremony Opens a New Page For SAG


The Groundbreaking Ceremony Opens a New Page For SAG


· SAG New Office Building in 2022

We bear our vision in mind as the most trusted leader of RFID transponders. SAG, a Taiwan-based company, has been the RFID Transponder Solution Provider for years in many use cases and projects. 2019 marks our 20th anniversary milestone. In 2020, we are glad to embark upon a great new journey – having a new office building and production plant ready in 2022. This is also a dream comes true after years of efforts and discussions. The new building will incorporate our vision of smart production and put our philosophy of green environment in consideration. The look of the building also embodies our ambition to be your answer to RFID transponders. We have high hope to elevate SAG to a new level for more advanced applications and use cases.

· 2022 Connection Summit @SAG

By the time of the completion in 2022, we will be hosting the Connection Summit which brings AIM, RAIN RFID and NFC Forum members in a joint event under one roof. We highly anticipate the event to connect people and showcase our capabilities in making the impossible become possible.

SAG is granted as NXP Advanced Partner, SONY Green Partner, Arsenal-certified and CQM card manufacturer, ISO 9001:2015 , ISO 13485 and IECQ QC080000. We also join global alliances such as RAIN RFID, and NFC Forum to join conferences and exhibitions to team up with others in the RFID community to make all things connected.