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RFID Makes Healthcare Smart

SAG-RFID Tag Makes Healthcare Smart-RFID applications in healthcare, rfid in hospital

RFID has become the facilitator to transform the process and management job in healthcare into a smart way.  Use cases are found at a laboratory or in a hospital when RFID benefits data transparency, reduces workload of staff, and enhances patient safety.  With knowledge of materials and specific know-how on antenna design and production process, SAG has been involved with projects when user sees a problem in these venues.

SAG-RFID Tag For Medical-RFID Surgical Instrument Tracking, RFID Medical Devices, RFID Hospital Asset Tracking, RFID Healthcare Solutions, RFID Applications in Healthcare

After multiple tests are carried out, data collection and matching might lead to mix-ups when human errors happen.  Smart label is a common form factor to be used on items in a lab to avoid mix-ups by providing them with a unique ID.  SAG can help more label solutions as below.

·Material Science

There might be extreme conditions such as drastic temperature change in a test or tube with large radius surface to attach a smart label. SAG has the expertise in adhesive technology to realize these applications.

·100% Premium (Perfect) Roll

In some cases, a roll of “continuous good labels” might be on demand to help increase the job efficiency without the interruption of bad labels. SAG is capable of bringing premium (perfect) roll by using a self-developed converting machine to ensure the label quality in terms of electrical performance and mechanical strength.


·RAIN+ NFC for 2-Way Applications

One label with both RAIN RFID and NFC technologies can provide an application crossover. Thanks to the chip design, people can access the ID via either RF interface. Lab personnel can bulk reading via UHF side while checking the details of each item on the NFC-enabled phone. To create such a label requires the knowledge of antenna design. Meanwhile, when liquid is in the presence of the tagged item, SAG can fine tune to customize the label.

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SAG-RFID Tag For Medical-RFID Surgical Instrument Tracking, RFID Medical Devices, RFID Hospital Asset Tracking, RFID Healthcare Solutions, RFID Applications in Healthcare

The introduction of Unique Device Identification (UDI) system from both the EU and FDA propels the adoption of RFID tag/label to enhance the traceability of medical devices. It tells how many times a surgical tool has been used, when it was sterilized, and where it is kept for the next preparation. With these advantages, it helps reduce medical errors and improve patient safety. UDI system can also verify a device’s authenticity when each item carries its own ID number.

·Sterilization Process with No Challenge

For some surgical instruments, they are designed to be used several times. However, the diversity of medical products used poses logistics and inventory challenges. Meanwhile, there are multiple methods to sterilize these items such as EtO, autoclave or radiation. SAG has a range of hard tags to fit these tools in different sizes and withstand the sterilization process afterwards.

FRAM Tag eto RFID medical deviece


·Miniaturization to Fit Small Items

For a small item with limited space to apply a tag, SAG has a variety of PCB tags (the smallest is 6mm in diameter) for molding process. Also, NFC Ferrite Tags (the smallest in 4x2mm) are for both on-metal and non-metal use cases and can survive extreme high/low temperatures.


·Authentication to Ensure Safety

Incorrect use of medication and wrong installation of a medical device pose a threat to the patient safety. Medical disputes sometimes occur due to these mishandlings and they cause huge losses. Among the variety of items to be managed in a hospital, SAG enables an application with a customized transponder by utilizing our experience on antenna and mechanical design.

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SAG is granted as NXP Advanced Partner, SONY Green Partner, Arsenal-certified and CQM card manufacturer, ISO 9001:2015 , ISO 13485 and IECQ QC080000. We also join global alliances such as RAIN RFID, and NFC Forum to join conferences and exhibitions to team up with others in the RFID community to make all things connected.