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NFC is Everywhere

NFC stands for Near Field Communication.  It enables various use cases by means of data exchange between an NFC phone and a tag in a contactless way.  During these years, NFC technology has become no stranger to many business territories thanks to the promotional activities and down-to-earth applications that make our lives more convenient.  We see NFC has been “everywhere” when the system integrator, chip and transponder manufacturer, and end user are collaborating to deal with challenges in different applications. SAG, as an RFID transponder solution provider, acts a pivotal role in the industry chain by bridging the technology to the ingenious need.

NFC for Authentic on Taiwan's Chinese Tea

Taiwan is famous for its tea culture because the mountains belted with cloud provide perfect conditions to grow tea trees in different breeds.  Lugu, a small town located in the very center of Taiwan, is one of the tea areas which produce unique flavors that impress many tea lovers.  In every spring and winter, Lugu Dong-Ding Tea Cooperatives holds a competition to select the finest tea from tea farmers.  Once the champion tea is decided, it’s time to bring it to the market for you to enjoy.  The packaged tea has its price from 100 to 600USD, making it a lucrative business that gives ground to counterfeiting.  Such an issue not only tarnishes the reputation of the Cooperatives, but also results in lost sales and a poor customer experience.

NFC Tag for Authentic - SAG RFID Transponder Solution Provider

A solution is needed to fight against counterfeiting and allow customers to be assured the authenticity of the tea at the time of purchase.  Hsin Jui Optoelectronics (HJ), an IoT company which is strong at cloud services, teams up with SAG to provide the Cooperatives with a solution by applying an NFC label as a tea box seal.  This NFC label (with Mifare NTAG213)  integrates both the physical and digital tamper proof function to guard the tea against counterfeiting.  At the physical side, the security cut is a simple and effective way to leave a mark of any attempt to remove it.  At the digital side, customers can take advantage of the NFC function on their mobile phone to read the label.  Each anti-counterfeit verification label has its own unique ID number. Through its security encryption mechanism and strict backend system management, the customer can download the user-friendly App to tap and read the label.  It simplifies the process for the customer to identify the tea’s authenticity.  It is important to ensure the rights and interests of consumers.  Meanwhile, the Cooperatives gets to know the information of when and where of its tea selling by the time the label is read.  It strengthens the brand protection and provides potential marketing opportunity to further engage with customers.

NFC Authentic Related Product 

NFC D29 Smart Label 

NFC Tag for Authentic - SAG RFID Transponder Solution Provider

Embedded to Empower 

NFC Tag for IIOT- SAG RFID Transponder Solution Provider

The Internet of Things is known by people in many business sectors.  Thanks to NFC (Near Field Communications), this communication technology make these applications become real and more familiar to people.  What’s the advantage?  You can simplify the tedious parameter setting process or acquiring information just by tapping your NFC mobile phone.  To broaden the applications, chip manufacturers (such as ST, NXP, etc.) have also introduced chips with both the RF and I²C interfaces. I²C can send instructions to the microprocessor (MCU) in the electronic product for configuration. With the help of the two-way communication interface, the application of the Internet of Things becomes more diverse. 

Take relay setting for example, in the past, operators had to disassemble the panel, then manually adjust and set the output voltage. Such a process is not only time-consuming but also prone to operational errors. However, by taking the advantage of NFC and I²C, the operator can download an App, set the voltage parameters on the mobile phone in advance, and then tap the NFC tag installed on the relay circuit board.  Through I²C interface, the MCU is activated and data will be written automatically.  This process not only reduces work time and human error, but also helps duplicate the same parameters to other equipment when there are many to set.   

To enable a device with NFC function, SAG introduces Ferrite Tag and Dynamic Tag Module (DTM) which feature mini size and anti-metal to help customers quickly implement NFC applications.

NFC FOR IIOT, Intelligent Control 

NFC Ferrite Tag

NFC Ferrite Tag for IIOT- SAG RFID Transponder Solution Provider

NFC Dynamic Tag Module

NFC Tag Dynamic Module for IIOT- SAG RFID Transponder Solution Provider

Inventory Management and Maintenance Management  

An NFC-enabled phone can help simplify the process of asset management and improve the efficiency of patrol.  The user can read/write the information, location, and time onto the NFC tag or label via their smart phone.  NFC facilitates applications in logistics and makes item-level tracking and identification just in a simple tap.  On the other hand, your NFC phone can become a patrol wand.  The user can upload the data simultaneously when he/she is in the presence of the proximity.  To answer your NFC requirements, SAG comes up with Cable Tie Tag and a variety of weatherproof hard tags.

NFC Tag for Inventory Management and Maintenance Management 

NFC Cable Tie Tag

NFC Tag Cable Tie for Inventor Management- SAG RFID Transponder Solution Provider

NFC Hard Tag

RFID NFC Tag for Maintenance Management- SAG RFID Transponder Solution Provider

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