NFC抗金屬嵌入式標籤0503 NFC Ferrite Tag 0503

產品名稱 :NFC抗金屬嵌入式標籤0503 NFC Ferrite Tag 0503
描述 :
0503 (size in 5x3mm) Ferrite Tag features its small and compact size. It can be embedded to an item to instantly empower it with NFC function. Meanwhile, Ferrite Tag has superior heat tolerance to survive extreme use condition.

Item-level Tracking / Product Identification

Ultra small in size / Great resistibility to high/low temperature / On-Metal or Non-Metal type available
數量 :

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NFC Ferrite Tag 0503
Dimensions L 4.9 x W 3.0 x T 2.5 mm
Material Ferrite
Frequency HF
Storage Temperature -60 ~ 200°C
IC Chip NTAG213 / Icode SLIX / ST25TA02K / ST25TV02K / MB89R118
STD ISO14443A/ ISO15693
NFC Forum Type 2/Type 5/Type 4/Type 5/NA
Memory 144Byte / 896bit / 2Kbit / 2Kbit / 2KByte