NFC動態智慧標籤模組 - NFC 0806 Dynamic Tag Module

產品名稱 :NFC動態智慧標籤模組 - NFC 0806 Dynamic Tag Module
描述 :
0806 Dynamic Tag Module packages both antenna and chip in one unit. The dual interface of both RFID (NDEF message support) and I2C can go with your sensor, consumer electronics, and energy harvesting device via SMT process. Via I2C, this tag helps connect devices for more advanced NFC applications.

RFID+1 application / Parameter setting

NFC and I2C dual interface communication / SMT applicable
數量 :

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NFC Ferrite Tag 0503
Dimensions L 8.0 x W 6.0 x T 1.35 mm
Material Ferrite
Frequency HF
Storage Temperature -40~85°C
IC Chip ST ST25DV04K / ST M24SR02-Y
STD ISO/IEC 15693 / ISO/IEC 14443A
NFC Forum Type 5 / Type 4
Memory 4K Bit / 2K Bit