Sailboat Keyfob

產品名稱 :Sailboat Keyfob
描述 :
Sailboat Keyfob is the opaque version of Translucent Keyfob. Besides the solid appearance, the better contrast of laser engraving on this keyfob leads to a clearer result of ID numbering/ logo marking
數量 :

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Sailboat Keyfob
Dimensions L 55.5 x W 31 x T 8 mm
Frequency LF/ HF/ UHF
Operating Temperature -25~55°C
Storage Temperature -25~75°C
Protection Class IP66
Approx. Weight 8.5g
Color Black
Options Laser engraving/ Pad printing
Available RFID Chip LF/ HF/ UHF chip type available, with NXP, EM-Marin, Atmel, TI, ST, Infineon, LEGIC, Sony, Fujitsu, Broadcom and Alien technology.