RAIN 53 x 53 3D Label

產品名稱 :RAIN 53 x 53 3D Label
描述 :
For many applications such as item-level tracking, supply chain management and inventory control, the readers always face the challenge of inconsistent tag orientation. SAG launch the UHF 53x53mm 3D Inlay/Label. With Impinj Monza 4 True3D Technology, this UHF Omni-directional Inlay/Label offers complete orientation insensitivity, so that it can be read from any angle and provides excellent reading performance.
數量 :

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UHF 53 x 53 3D Label
Antenna dimension 51 x 51 mm
Die cut dimension 53 x 53 mm
Material for dry inlay format PET substrate/ aluminum antenna
Frequency UHF
Operating Temperature -20~70°C
Available RFID Chip Impinj Monza 4QT