26.5 x 42 Label

Product Name : 26.5 x 42 Label
Description :
Smart Label comprises of antenna and chip within top surface layer and bottom adhesive.
Due to its simple structure, NFC label has a great flexibility in size and gives cost competitiveness
compared to hard tag products. Meanwhile, artwork printing can be applied to the top paper to
make your label with a style.
NFC Label acts as a quick product solution to enable an item with NFC function.

Customer Engagement / Item-level Tracking / Product Authentication

A quick product solution to enable NFC applications
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27 x 42 Label
Antenna dimension 22.5 x 38 mm
Die cut dimension 26.5 x 42 mm
Material for label format aluminum antenna/ acrylic adhesive/ paper
Frequency HF
Operating Temperature -25~70°C
Applicable Surface Material Non-metal; On-metal type available for selected chips
Options preprinted artwork, thermal transfer for QR code/ Barcode/ UID printing
paper or glossy surface
Mapping service
Available RFID Chip Mifare Ultralight EV1/ Mifare Ultralight C/ Mifare Classic EV1 1K/ NTAG213/ NTAG215/ NTAG216/ ICode SLIX/ FeliCa RC-S966