Tag-it Pro/Plus 45 x 45 Inlay

Product Name : Tag-it Pro/Plus 45 x 45 Inlay
Description :
SAG is one of the two selected partners to continue the legacy of TI (Texas Instrument) inlay products. This will ensure continuity of supply to customers who have bought these inlay products produced from TI after the inlays are withdrawn from the market.
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Tag-it Pro/Plus 45 x 45 Inlay
Antenna dimension 45 x 45 mm
Material for dry inlay format PET substrate/ aluminum antenna
Frequency HF
Operating Temperature -25~70°C
Applicable Surface Material Non-metal
Options preprinted artwork, thermal transfer for QR code/ Barcode/ UID printing paper or glossy surface Mapping service
Available RFID Chip Tag-it HF-I Plus/ Tag-it HF-I Pro