ABS Wristband

Product Name : ABS Wristband
Description :
ABS Wristband Tag is constructed of durable ABS watch head and the velcro band is replaceable.
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ABS Wristband
Dimensions L 265 x W 31.5 x T 9 mm
Material ABS & Nylon
Frequency LF/ HF
Operating Temperature -25~55°C
Storage Temperature -25~65°C
Protection Class IP67
Approx. Weight 11g
Color Yellow/ Blue
Options Inkjet/ Pad Printing/ Laser Engraving
Available RFID Chip ATA5577/ LegicMIM1024/ NXPHITAG 1/ NXPHITAG 2/ NXPMIFARE Ultralight C/ NXPMIFARE S50 EV1/ EM4200/ STSRIX4K