Silicone Wristband

產品名稱 :Silicone Wristband
描述 :
Silicone Wristband Tag is another product solution to deal with water or high humidity environment. It has been widely adopted in gym, swimming pool, and waterpark.
數量 :

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Silicone Wristband
Dimensions C 210 x H 16 x T 7.5 mm (Xtra Large)
C 195 x H 16 x T 7.5 mm (Adult)
C 180 x H 16 x T 7.5 mm (Young)
C 152 x H 16 x T 7.5 mm (Child)
Material Silicone
Frequency LF/ HF
Operating Temperature -25~85°C
Storage Temperature -25~140°C
Protection Class IP68
Color Red/ Pink/ Yellow/ Light Green/ Dark Green/
Light Blue/ Dark Blue/ Purple/ White/ Black
Approx. Weight 14.8g/ 14.0g/ 13.7g
Options Pad Printing/ Laser Engraving
Available RFID Chip AtmelATA5577/ LegicMIM1024/ LegicMIM256/ SonyFelica RCS962/ SonyFelica RCS966/ NXPHITAG 1/ NXPHITAG 2/ NXPHITAG S2048/ NXPMIFARE DESFire EV1 2K/ NXPMIFARE S50 EV1/ EM4200