RAIN RFID TPV Flexible Tag

產品名稱 :RAIN RFID TPV Flexible Tag
描述 :
RAIN RFID TPV Flexible Tag, made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPV), is ideal to fit a curved surface on a non-metal item. This tag can also go to metal items by fixing the yelllow tag with Panduit cable tie to one hole. It ideally acts as an inspection tag when placed on equipments or machines.

Access Control / AFC (Auto Fare Collection)

Flexible housing, suitable for irregular surfaces / Good laser engraving of logo or barcode /
Tamper-evident cable tie / Non-Metal or On-Metal applications
數量 :

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TPV Flexible Tag
Dimensions L 25.5 x W 83 x T 3 mm
Material TPV
Frequency UHF
Operating Temperature -40~70°C
Storage Temperature -40~70°C
Protection Class IP68
Approx. Weight 4.5g
Applicable Surface Material Non-Metal
Options LOGO/ ID Numbering: Laser engraving
Custom tag color available