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Adjustable Wristband | RFID & NFC標籤 | 韋僑科技 | 智慧電子標籤解決方案的提供者

A Touch-less Access Control Solution -UHF Adjustable Wristband

SAG is dedicated to provide an application-specific RFID wristband tuned to perform well even on human body. It enables personnel tracking in an open space and truly realizes hands-free access control. It is lightweight and the adjustable watchband can fit your wrist perfectly and comfortably while providing long range reading assurance up to 3 meters. UHF Adjustable Wristband offers benefits in different applications as below.

Molding Tag Has Excellent Low Temperature Resistibility

Features● Ultra-small size in 6.7(L) x 6.7(W) x 0.75(T)mm● Robust to resist extreme temperature: -60°C for 4700hrs, +200°C for 240hrs, +250°C for 24hrs● Packaged with chip and antenna in simple form factor● ISO/IEC 15693, NFC Forum Type 5 compliant

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